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Silent Sea is a horror game with puzzles.

You wake up, alone, as a "Le Sentinelle"'s crew member in this empty ship full of mysteries!

This game is only available in french and was made by ten French student in 3 months.

Programmer :    

Alix Besson (LinkedIn),  Antoine Goumain (LinkedIn), Basile Vieu (LinkedIn),

Isaac Montagne (LinkedIn), Sidney Lentzy (LinkedIn).

Graphic Designer :

Antoine Rifaux (LinkedIn), Cloé Perret (LinkedIn), Corentin Lartisien (LinkedIn),

Matthieu Corcuff (LinkedIn), Steve Henry (LinkedIn).


SilentSea_Beta.7z 808 MB

Install instructions

You just have to download the .7z and launch the .exe!


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Je suis bloqué sur un puzzle, "Cadette" ne fonctionne pas.

-.-. .- -.. . - - .

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey ! Ce n'est pas "Cadette" le mdp mais "Abbie" ;)

Ah. Merci. J'étais confus. De toute façon, le jeu est génial jusqu'à présent.

P.S. Je suis toujours en train d'apprendre le français


Merci :) très content que le jeu te plaise ! 

I don't understand french! :) or French keyboards!

add an option to remap keys. Also add English Language in this game.